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Olerato Mathodi

Grants Assistant

Olerato Mathodi is a part-time Grants Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator for the Lady Khama Charitable Trust. She has been volunteering with the Trust since 2015. Besides volunteering, Olerato is an Entrepreneur in Media and the Fashion Retail industry and a part-time Chinese Mandarin student at the Confucius Institute at the University of Botswana. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and self-development as the key to youth empowerment and sought to do this through inspiring her volunteers at the Trust. Otherwise, she gives a dose of such topics through Film and TV production partnering with a various media institutions. Olerato’s hobbies include reading books and debate.

“Volunteering at the Lady Khama Charitable Trust sharpen my flaws…this is an invite to the youth to consider taking on volunteerism work to improve on their capabilities”


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