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Super Sprint Triathlon 2019
December 1, 2019 at 6:00 am UB Stadium Gaborone LEARN MORE

Super Sprint Triathlon 2019

Once again, the Lady Khama Charitable Trust and Spar, Tsetseng bring you Botswana’s ONE and ONLY annual Super Sprint Triathlon fundraiser.

Worldwide Super Sprints have increased in popularity due to the lower fitness requirements needed to complete the event and by nature Super Sprints are also ideal for the swim component being pool based. This year we will have a very similar format as with 2018, with the Start & Finish line at the University of Botswana using the same routes.

Activity Format:

Triathlon’s consist of any combination of a swim section, a cycle section and a run section.

The following distances will be completed:

  1. Swim: 400m / 8 laps 50m pool, est. lap time 15 – 25 minutes with a seeded start.
  2. Cycle: 10km, est. time 20 – 40 minutes
  3. Run:2.5km, est. 10 – 30 minutes

NOTE: It should take an average competitor max 90 minutes to complete.

Transition Setup Time: 05:00 – 06:00
Brief Time: 06:00 – 06:15

Timing, Transition Area and Security:

Timing will be conducted manually under the supervision of the Gaborone Running Club using an innovative App. Webscrore. The transition area will be fenced off with security, for the bikes and other equipment. To that end, access is strictly controlled. Only athletes with wrist security tags and authorised officials may enter. Access times will be limited to Sunday 3rd December: 05:00 – 06:00 only athletes with wrist bands can access the area. No exceptions. At the end of the race bikes may be removed. The race number on the bike and the race number on the wrist band must correspond. There will be one entrance / exit point for traffic control and one entrance / exit for cyclists.

Security: Sponsored by Security Services Botswana

Medical, Photography and Radio Communications:

There will be paramedics and 2 mobile units on route, stationed in the main area and pool. State of the art long range radio communications to keep the team in constant communication 20 hand held radios and 3 mobile unites for support vehicles medical & photography.

Paramedics: Sponsored by RescueOne
Photography: Sponsored by David Clift Photography
Radio Communications: Sponsored by Fortress Group

Insurance and Indemnity Forms

All sporting events carrying with them some risk of injury to the participants as well as organising staff. As the cycle race is on the main road there also exists risk in collisions with vehicles, other athletes, marshals and pedestrians. All athletes must fill out personal indemnity forms when registering. An appropriate form will be drafted that is triathlon appropriate.
Public liability Insurance: Sponsored by Bryte Insurance and BOC Insurance.

Legal Advice: Sponsored by Minchin & Kelly

Ablutions and Waste Management

Ablutions, rubbish skip and rubbish collection will be accounted for.

Police, Marshals and Volunteers:

Police will be located at all major road intersections. Marshalls and volunteers will be located on all routes and all sporting disciplines, their duties will range from time keeping, marshalling, water station management and little collection.

All marshals on route marking duties will be issues with yellow high visibility vests. Cones will be evenly placed curtesy of Pinnacle Express. A few days prior to the event notice signs will be placed at the major junctions on the cycle route alerting road users of the race.

They will be worded as follows:


Post Event:

There will be a prize giving ceremony for the winners with the Lady Khama Charitable Trust Patron H.E Lt-Gen Dr. S.K.I Khama, Lady Khama Charitable Trust Chairman Mr. Dale Ter Haar and Lead Partner. Prizes in the form of gift vouchers will be allocated as follows, sponsored by SPAR.

Water Station, Start/Finish Line and Main Area: 

There will be one manned water station situated in the main area. As part of the goodie bag each athlete will be provided with a meal voucher sponsored by Gouws Farming and Pie City.



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