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Our grand application system allocates funds to deserving projects that showcase necessity, good governance and financial discipline.

The Lady Khama Charitable Trust (LKCT) grant program focuses predominantly on early childhood development and people living with disabilities. Both national and grassroots charities are invited to apply for support from LKCT through our grant application process.

Types of grants available include:

Capital – providing support for the construction of a facility, remodelling, expansion of a facility or purchase of equipment.

Economic Empowerment – small scale projects or programs that encourage a collective of women to start a business. This type of grant supports materials that helps start up a business. For example, purchasing of sewing machines to start a tailoring business. This grant is solely for a community based income generating project.

Educational Development – projects, programs, and trainings that call for the development, enhancement and support of education endeavours for children and youth.

Support will be based on a series of variables, one of which is having a good track record in good governance and financial discipline; as well as the human resource capacity to carry out its activities. Monitoring and evaluation will form an important part of the post disbursement over sight as well as a critical aspect of the review process.

Priority will be given to grant requests that leverage the greatest amount of sustainable impact.


Important notes regarding how to apply and what to have ready.

Before you begin filling out the LKCT Grant Application please take the time to review LKCT’s mandate; focus on improving the lives of vulnerable woman and children and people living with disabilities. If you require assistance, please get in contact with us at or call us on +267 393 4501.


  • All application submissions need to be provided in the grant application format (NO EXCEPTIONS) and sent to
  • All application submissions have to be typed (No hand written applications will be accepted)
  • All application submissions and supporting documents must be emailed to
  • Please take special note to our deadlines, proposals received after the deadlines might be considered for the next cycle of funding.

Other considerations:

  • Fill out all sections of the grant application. If you think an area does not apply to you, please write something to support that.
  • For section B, under proposal description, you can attach a separate document, please reference if done so.

LKCT Grant Review Time Line:

  • First Quarter Submission Deadline: Last day of February
  • Second Quarter Submission Deadline: Last day of May
  • Third Quarter Submission Deadline: Last day of August
  • Fourth Quarter Submission Deadline: Last day of November



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