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Lady Khama Charitable Trust Volunteer Incentive Program

The Lady Khama Charitable Trust (LKCT) has a newly found Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) which aims to empower the Trust’s excelling volunteers through short course training. The Program found its first two partners, Sage Software Botswana and Kalahari Training Institute (KTI). Since its inception, the programme has trained a total of 50 volunteers.

The Lady K.VIP is still in its early stage, and we hope for its success. LKCT has a total of 385 volunteers. However, LKCT takes 150 volunteers per year. Volunteers apply for the intake through a form called Volunteer Profile Form. The form is emailed to all the 385 volunteers on the LKCT database and can be soon found on the LKCT website.

The new system helps the Trust to manage and be able to know their volunteers better. Volunteers are monitored through the use of a Rate Card Form at the Lady K. events. The form is marked by a professional Volunteer and later evaluated by the Trust Coordinator and the Volunteer Coordinator. The LKCT volunteers have proven excellence over and over again with no expectations. Therefore, LKCT finds it fit to empower them as a form of gratitude.

Volunteer Training

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